Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ramban-All Knowledge is Derived from The Torah-Toras Hashem Temima perek 1 siman 5

In this post of the Ramban here he asks, " What is the greatness of the Torah." In this siman he begins to answer this question. He says,

"The beginning of everything is that a person should know that everything that the created (aka people) know and understand, all of it comes from the Bible directly or indirectly. If it were not for the Bible there would be no difference between a man and the donkey he rides on. This can be seen from the nations that are distant from the Bible and its prophecies. For example, the Barbarians that dwell in Dacia (The Romans conquered the Dacians and then the Romans were destroyed by the Barbarians), the Tartars, and the nations like India- that these people do not recognize their creator and they think the world always existed. Also, there are people that exist that are not deep thinkers and do not consider whether the world always existed or is a new creation. They do not contemplate whether the spheres move themselves or if something else moves them like King David mentioned in the Psalm that we quoted previously (Tehilim 19) and like the other deep thinkers (philosophers) from the nations close to us. All of these ideas have not been seen or thought about by nations that have not heard of the Bible. This is because a man that is not taught is like an animal, like it says in Job (11:12), "Let one who is like a wild donkey be reborn as a man. (meaning: When man is born he is like a wild donkey)"

The Ramban uses facts from the situation of his time to prove why the Torah is so valuable. He shows that the only people that really think about things and care to acquire knowledge are people that have been effected by the Bible. The barbarians and other people that acted without knowledge at the time of the Ramban were groups of people that had never been effected by the Torah or even had a relation to it indirectly. This is very telling of how the Torah teaches and compels people to think. Also, the Torah invokes deep thinking and this is another focus of the Ramban. That the source of all knowledge and the drive to acquire knowledge comes from the Torah.

This is just one of many examples that show how great the Bible is and this example shows the Bible's importance. It sounds very compelling to say that every civilization that has been effected by the Bible is deep thinkers and values knowledge, whereas populations that have been unaffected by the Bible are simple and those people are not deep thinkers in any way.

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