Maharal Ideas

Gevurs Hashem(Book On Pesach/Passover)
Second Introduction
1) Different Ways To Have Faith In G-D
2) Against The Philosopher's Understanding of Miracles
3) Maharal Explains Miracles
Ner Mitzva(Book on Chanukah/Hanukkah)
The Four Kingdoms
1)The Question of Why Are There Four Kingdoms That Diminish The Glory of G-D In This World
2)Why The World Was Created With The Four Kingdoms That Diminish The Glory Of G-D In This World
3) Why There Are 4 Kingdoms and Not Two Or Three

Tiferes Yisroel(Book On Shavuous/Shevuot)
1)Maharal On Learning and Teaching Torah
Chapter 9
1) How To Gain Closeness To G-D
Chapter 13
1) The Importance of Torah
2) Reward For Mitzvos (Commandments)
Chapter 15
1) How One Removes Themselves From the World To Come
Chapter 16
1) How To Find The Truth

Gemara Ideas
1) Maharal's Attitude On Aggadita (Non-halachic stories in the Talmud) vs. Rambam's Attitude on Aggadita
1) What Does The Gemara Mean When It Says "The Best Doctors Go To Hell?"