Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ramban- Greatness of Torah In Perspective- Toras Hashem Temima

The Ramban at the beginning of his book on Jewish Ideology (Torahs Hashem Tamima) talks about the greatness of Torah through the medium of Psalms. He writes in the first perek and first siman,

"In Tehilim (19:8) it writes, 'The Torah (Laws) of G-D is perfect, restoring the soul, the testimony of G-D is trustworthy, it makes the simple wise." This follows the phrase, (19:2) 'The heavens enumerate the honor of Kel (G-D).' So it goes back and explains the praise of the Torah and says that the Torah enumerates the praise of G-D more than the heavens, sun, moon, stars and all other celestial bodies that were mentioned in the beginning of this chapter. King David begins with the heavens praise of Kel (G-D) because the heavens are continuously moving for all time and everything that moves needs something to move it and guide it. Thereby, the heavens teach us about the honor of Kel (G-D). This is telling us that G-D is all powerful since He is the cause of the movements with His power (Kel-means power so when He is referred to as Kel, that refers to the aspect of G-D's all powerful being). (The Ramban then goes into a discussion about the different Spheres which I will leave out)"

The Ramban is using Tehilim (Psalms) to illustrate a point here. He is telling us that based on the Torah, we can learn all about the greatness of G-D. He says that King David points this out by saying that the vast and powerful forces of the universe can praise G-D, but shadow in comparison to the way that the Torah is able to praise Him. Just thinking about the different forces and what it must take to move the planets and to create the stars exudes a type of awe and wonderment. However, this feeling pales in comparison to the type of feelings that the Torah is able to inspire.

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