Monday, December 20, 2010

Why Can't Jews Have Settlements In the West Bank?

I was just thinking about the idea that the Palestinians refuse to negotiate peace with Israel because Jews are building houses in the West Bank. This argument that the Palestinians put forward does not make any sense to me. Jews building houses in the West bank does not exclude the possibility that the West Bank could be a Palestinian country, or does it?

If we look at the previous "pull outs" of Israel, something becomes very clear. When the Jews pulled out of the Sinai desert they destroyed EVERY SINGLE settlement that had been built. Why? Could Jews not live in Egypt? Just because the army was pulling out of the Sinai why did the civilians have to leave and destroy their houses? Why could they not live under Egyptian rule?

When the Israeli army pulled out of Gaza why did the 7500 civilians have to leave? Why could they not stay and continue with their businesses there? Could they not live under the rules of the Palestinian authority that was taking over?

I think it is obvious why the Jews, the civilians, had to abandon their homes, because they would have been killed had they stayed. The Israeli government would not allow civilians to stay because those civilians would have lost their lives. True, the civilians could have stayed in the Sinai under Egyptian rule, but they would have been slaughtered. The people from Gush Katif could have stayed in Gaza, but just like their green house equipment, they would have been demolished.

So, why is it that the Palestinians consider the Jews building settlements inhibitory to peace? It is purely because they will not let Jews live on their land. Otherwise, there should be no problem. The civilians can stay, but they would then be under the authority of the Palestinians, if there were a Palestinian State in the West Bank. However, this clearly would never work. The Israeli government would never allow a Jew to stay in territory that was being handed over. The Israeli government will not allow Jews to put themselves into situations where they WILL be killed.

If you notice, there are not very many Jews living in any of the Muslim countries surrounding Israel. Why is that? There are over a million Arabs living in Israel that are citizens. The largest population of Jews is found in Iran and they are under constant fear of punishment, as seen by the men accused of spying in the past years.

It seems to me that the claim of the Palestinian authority that negotiations can not continue because Jews, not army personnel, are living there is telling of their attitude of hate. They are assuring us that they will not allow Jews to live in their future country, if it is ever made. If a Jew tries to live in their country, they will be killed.

Why do we want to give them a country again? So they can be another anti-Jewish state in a sea of anti-Jewish states?

Settlements are not a problem if they are willing to live with Jews. Settlements are only a problem if they are NOT willing to live with Jews.


YMedad said...

To be fair, the "Pals." claim that we 'steal' their land, that we restrict their own growth. Of course, that claim could be applied to Arabs in Israel so they have a problem. But the other practical response is that the Land is quite adequate enough for all. Anyone coming out to my home in Shiloh can see the surrounding emptiness (an emptiness which existed for the 1300 years the Arabs have been here as "occupiers" themselves we shouldn't forget). Nothing they say is considerate of Jewish rights and that is the main point. They are the exclusionists.

E-Man said...

Keep up your good work and I hope one day the Israeli Government will figure out a way to have better PR than the Palestinians. It is insane to see what goes on on college campuses these days.