Sunday, July 21, 2013


So, I have not been posting for a good reason, I started residency this month. I am in a program that has an official "Shomer Shabbos" spot. I don't know how it happened (yes I do, lots of effort and hard work) but I never had to work on shabbos in medical school and now I will not have to work on shabbos in residency. That is pretty awesome. I like to think that I am just one of those people that G-D is intervening for (according to the Rambam), but then I would have to consider myself a super righteous person and that is probably not true.

Hopefully, after I get settled in my role, I will have some time to learn and post more, but right now it is hard enough keeping up with the weekly parsha. So, until we meet again I have much on this blog that anyone can view that I think is interesting. In fact, sometimes I parooz through this blog and, even though I am the author, I learn something new and interesting.

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Yeshivish said...

Perhaps God decided not to paskin like the Rambam:)