Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why I have not been posting

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to apologize to everyone for not posting recently. I am taking my Step 1 test in a little under a month and I need to study day in and out so I can, hopefully, do really well. I hope to continue writing Divrei Torah and other blog posts after I am done.

I am going to be starting my rotations for 3rd year starting in July and I am unsure what my schedule is actually going to be like. I am kind of excited to see how rotations will work. The first two years of med school I shadowed different doctors and had minimal patient interaction. Third year is gong to be much different and no more sitting in class and reading out of books ( obviously, I am still going to be reading out of books, but not for the majority of the day). It is now going to be hands on stuff.

Right now I am just hoping to do well on the boards and then we will see what happens from there. It is kind of scary to think that so much depends on this one test. If I do well I can basically be whatever I want. If I do poorly, then I might be stuck doing something I do not enjoy. Whatever will be will be. Two things that matter, hard work and faith in G-D, those are the only two things that can help me now.

Hope to post again in the end of June.


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Recreational Musings said...

Good luck on your boards!!
I hope you do well and that your rotations give you enough down time to continue posting divrei Torah again soon.

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