Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rambam-G-D is the Only Supreme Being-Yisodei Hatorah fourth halacha

In the fourth halacha of the first perek of Rambam's sefer Hamada he says,
הוא שהנביא אומר וה' אלהים אמת. הוא לבדו האמת ואין לאחר אמת כאמתתו. והוא שהתורה אומרת אין עוד מלבדו. כלומר אין שם מצוי אמת מלבדו כמותו: 
" The prophet said that Hashem G-D is true. He alone is true and no other has truth like His truth. About Him the Torah says there is no other like Him, meaning there is no other true creator like Him, except Him."

There are a few questions that I have on this Rambam. Firstly, why does the Rambam say "the prophet says" instead of just stating his point like the previous three halachos? Also, why does the Rambam have to point out that there is no other true creator like Him, obviously there are no other creators. Lastly, why does the Rambam specify true creator, why not just say creator?

The reason, I believe, that the Rambam uses the words of Jeremiah (the prophet) here is to point out the Rambam's understanding of G-D's truth as apposed to the truth of an idol. The pasuk that the Rambam quotes here is dealing with Jeremiah rebuking the Jewish people for worshipping idols. In it Jeremiah refers to G-D as the living G-D and Eternal King and this is what makes Him the ultimate truth. This can answer why the Rambam also says that there is no other true creator like Him and why he specifies true creator. The Rambam is saying that Jeremiah points out some very essential ideas in his description of G-D. First off, the fact that G-D is living, He plays an active role in the existence of all things, makes Him the creator in contrast to idols that are dead, they play no role in any of existence. Also, He is the true creator because He is the Eternal king, His existence is infinite and without limitations. G-D's infinitude makes Him true because truth is the idea that He has a permanent existence whereas all other things are fleeting.

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